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Accenture Blogpodium: Digitaliseren van de dienstenlogica

Hoe creëer je een digitale dienstverlening waar de klant centraal staat?

De meeste organisaties zijn druk bezig met het digitaliseren van hun dienstverlening. Maar hoe creeer je als organisatie een samenhangende strategische visie op de rol en toegevoegde waarde van deze digitalisering?En hoe stel je zeker dat deze d ...
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Accenture discussed the opportunities to implement circular economy practices in Dutch businesses.

The Circular Economy: The Event, The Insights, Inspiration and Steps for the Future

Accenture research has pointed out that the Circular Economy presents 4.500 billion dollar in potential value. However, the transition is radical and questions on ‘how’ and ‘what’ tend to be vague. The recent Circular Economy Conference ...
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Governments going Circular

February 19th, 2015 by Joost Brinkman

Accenture-Goverments-Circular-BlogpodiumOn February 12th, 2015 during the annual meeting of De Groene Zaak, the report “Governments Going Circular” was launched. It is the result of a global scan in search for governments that stimulate the transition towards a circular economy. Accessible through an interactive website, the best practices are a source of inspiration for governments alike and set the example for thought leadership.

In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that the global economic system is imposing an increasing strain onessential natural resources. Although resources do not yet face complete depletion, the economical available proportion of these reserves will, sooner or later, be exhausted. With this in mind, many companies started to develop and apply circular business models, rather than the traditional linear, ‘end-of-life’ model. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Future of TV

February 19th, 2015 by Remco Petra

Accenture Future of Television BlogpodiumBeyond question, digital TV has come of age. Since its first introduction in the 1930s, TV has come a long way and, today, we cannot imagine life without video. This is supported by the fact that there will soon be more screens than people on planet earth. Video is by far the richest storytelling medium, putting it at the center of news and public opinion as well as of entertainment. The TV industry is a huge and growing industry. TV itself is all around us and is there to stay. But can the same be said for operator TV services?

Today’s consumer is a demanding one. He or she expects a seamless experience, everywhere, anytime, across a range of devices, at home and on the go, with greater interactivity and social interaction. And that’s not even yet the consumer that was raised on touchscreens: as the touchscreen has become commonplace and is increasingly merges with its environment, this raises questions around design for the next generation of digital experiences and services. It is the beginning of a future in which data and artificial intelligence will be making decisions and completing basic tasks for us.

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