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Tonight will be a starry, starry night

Bianca den Elsen is Managing Director voor Accenture Operations (Business Process Outsourcing) in Nederland. Zij woont en werkt de komende jaren voor Accenture in Manilla en doet vanuit de Filipijnen verslag. ...
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Accenture social media week rotterdam

Accenture Digital @Social Media Week Rotterdam

Recently the city of Rotterdam hosted the Social Media Week 2014. A week full of sessions covering various Social Media and Innovation topics. Accenture Digital organized a round table ...
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Turning waste into energy

October 2nd, 2014 by Joost Brinkman

Accenture Waste Energy BlogpodiumIn my blog post of last week I touched upon ways to optimize the level of recycled materials from waste. This week I will look at a different way of treating waste: as an energy source. Among the concept registrations of the Innovation Awards we discovered a number of innovations operating in a niche in a rapidly expanding industry. These concepts are focusing on decentralization, waste gasses and awareness, as input to create energy.

The Waste Transformers
Recycling is an energy-intensive process, not to mention the energy it takes to transport waste to large central recycling plants. The Waste Transformers found a solution: small transportable energy plants which can, on location, turn waste materials into electricity or fuel, ready to be used straight away. Until now, waste was transported from production facilities to recycling plants, which are often located away from cities or even abroad. By processing waste on location, firms can both keep the returns for themselves (by using the generated fuel or electricity) and reduce the carbon footprint of the plant in two ways: reducing the external energy needed to operate a production facility; and cutting out any transport for their waste.

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Storing the future, from acid to salt-batteries.

October 22nd, 2014 by Joost Brinkman

Accenture-Energy-storage-BlogpodiumNow renewable energy and their percentage of the total energy supply are on the rise, it is time to solve the challenge of intermittency. In Germany already a significant percentage of energy is generated by renewables. The upside is that on sunny and windy days the electricity prices are very low (or even negative) due to imbalance between supply and demand.

Imagine if we could store this energy cost effectively. This would be an important step in the transition to renewables. Among this year’s Accenture Innovation Awards registrations, there are several concepts which can realize just that!

Centralized vs decentralized, and direct vs indirect storage
First, some further details on storage of energy. There are two broad divisions that can be made: centralized vs decentralized, and direct vs indirect storage. The first two concepts presented below are decentralized direct storing battery concepts, while the last concept is a centralized indirect storing Power2Gas concept.

Why are current batteries unable to provide large scale storage of energy? They are both limited by production costs and maximum capacity. E-Stone Batteries is a promising development originating from the Technical University of Delft, supported by Climate KIC.

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