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Disruptieve innovaties: wen er maar aan!

Disruptief. Het schoolvoorbeeld van sharing economy. Wereldwijd heeft Uber zich in een mum van tijd op de kaart gezet. Maar de meningen over het businessmodel van Uber lopen sterk uiteen. ...
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Accenture technology trends digital blogpodium

6 reasons why businesses need to embrace Digital

In my years of experience I have witnessed the struggle organizations are having with Digital in an enterprise wide context. Therefore I would like to touch upon the six reasons why businesses need to embrace Digital now. ...
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Sustainable Innovations that create impact

September 17th, 2014 by Joost Brinkman

Accenture Sustainable innovationsOn November 14th, the most impactful and promising innovations will be presented at the Accenture Innovation Awards 2014. About one third of the 700 participating innovators are not only innovative, but also have a positive impact on sustainability.

In the coming months I hope to inspire you with some backstage insights and show you the latest sustainable innovative trends. In accordance with the trias Energetica, let’s start and zoom into three great examples of efficiency.

  • CO2dry. Drying of vegetables, to extend its expire-date, is one of the most energy demanding processes in the food industry. Current techniques are either consuming a lot of energy (freeze-drying) or have a negative impact on the nutritional value (air-drying). Feyecon, a company focusing on CO2 technology, recently developed a process that reduces energy demand by 60% while improving the quality of the dried food at the same time. Since Feyecon delivers these kind of  innovations over the last 13 years, this one certainly has a (very) positive business case! Read the rest of this entry »
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BPO and the Cloud: threat or opportunity?

September 19th, 2014 by Michiel den Nieuwenboer

Accenture BPO Cloud BlogpodiumBPO has been around for circa 25 years. In that time it evolved. Where it basically started with shared services, offshoring, operational excellence and managing to business outcomes were added in subsequent waves of innovation. And in current BPO assignments processes are automated more and more (mini bots), analytics are becoming a more integral part of the offering and industry expertise is becoming more important as a differentiator.

In parallel a big evolution in the area of enterprise software took place; the rise of the Cloud. And this evolution will have a major impact on BPO. But is the Cloud a threat or an opportunity for BPO as we know it today?

Enterprise applications in the Cloud
A lot of business applications are moving into ‘the Cloud’. Whether it is SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or any other enterprise software vendors, they are moving their applications into the Cloud and offer options to procure Software as a Service (SaaS). It is apparent that users and enterprise application vendors are (getting) ready for this change. For BPO service providers now is the time to understand these market developments in order to understand how business (models) will evolve and adapt to this new reality.

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