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The roadmap for a successful extended workforce

For many organizations, their total workforce is comprised of a mix of internal and external people. The so-called “extended workforce” finds that external workers are enabling organizations to seize marketplace opportunities faster and with ...
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UberPOP, the day after

De lancering van UberPOP in Nederland heeft tot diverse uitkomsten geleid. De taxiwereld protesteerde maar kwam ook met een tegengeluid. Begin oktober maakte Uber de resultaten uit een rapport van Accenture bekend. ...
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Reshaping large-scale infrastructures

October 28th, 2014 by Joost Brinkman

Accenture-sustainability-infrastructureScientist agree that climate change is caused by humans and that burning fossil fuels is one of the main contributors creating the biggest global challenge we have ever faced. Moving to renewables will have big impact on existing energy infrastructures. The good news is that we can expect innovations from the infrastructure companies as well.

Alliander, a Dutch gas and electricity grid company, is planning to adopt several innovations in their gas network to reduce their carbon footprint. One of them is called Crossovers, where the cooling potential from gas in the network is supplied via a heat exchanger to industries. This way the cooling demand of industries can be largely met without an increased electricity usage for chillers.

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Storing the future, from acid to salt-batteries.

October 22nd, 2014 by Joost Brinkman

Accenture-Energy-storage-BlogpodiumNow renewable energy and their percentage of the total energy supply are on the rise, it is time to solve the challenge of intermittency. In Germany already a significant percentage of energy is generated by renewables. The upside is that on sunny and windy days the electricity prices are very low (or even negative) due to imbalance between supply and demand.

Imagine if we could store this energy cost effectively. This would be an important step in the transition to renewables. Among this year’s Accenture Innovation Awards registrations, there are several concepts which can realize just that!

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