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Nicole van Det, Managing Director Products, Accenture Nederland.

‘Mijn Surinaamse jeugd geeft nog altijd kleur aan mijn leven’

In een serie persoonlijke portretten staat het verhaal achter onze mensen centraal. Wat drijft en inspireert hen? Dit is het portret van Nicole van Det, Managing Director Products, Accenture Nederland. ...
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Five focus areas of the EU circular economy package

Closing the Loop: An EU Action Plan for Moving Towards the Circular Economy

Why should the EU move to a Circular Economy? The Circular Economy will tie in closely with other key EU priorities and will stimulate both competitiveness and the general economy in the EU. Not only will it help to save costs by energy savings, ...
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The Value of Diversity

September 17th, 2015 by Manon van Beek

Every month, I have the pleasure of welcoming a new group of colleagues to Accenture. And every time I find myself standing in front of such a group, telling them about Accenture’s vision and culture, I’m struck by its diversity: men and women, people from different ethnic backgrounds, young graduates, and experienced experts, from both inside and outside Accenture. Our company literally changes every month. Read the rest of this entry »

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Essential Communication

October 14th, 2015 by Garmt van Soest

You can’t really get more grandiose than that, can you? I mean, titling your piece as bombastically as Essential Communication… With such a generic term, it’s like hiring a bunch of consultants to find out what is wrong with your company, only to find out that their advice is as specific as, “You should bring your costs down and your revenue up, that’s good for profit.”

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