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Accenture Everyday Bank Blogpodium

Everyday Bank: How banks can become an essential part in customers’ daily life

Today, customers want their resources to be at their fingertips. As technology drives dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and expectations, it uproots traditional transactions for all players—including banks. ...
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Accenture IT strategie kompas Blogpodium

IT Strategy als kompas voor bedrijfsvoering

Een veelvoorkomende vraag van CIO’s is hoe ze invulling kunnen geven aan strategische analyse, planning en beheersing van IT. Oftewel: hoe kan strategisch management van IT plaatsvinden? ...
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Maintenance – trends and developments in 2014

April 16th, 2014 by Peter Paul de Leeuw

Accenture Maintenance Resources BlogpodiumOver the past few months Accenture has done an extensive review on the status and the trends in the Dutch maintenance market, of which you can find the end result in the 2014 NVDO Onderhoudskompas.

Combine this with Accenture’s view on new technologies and developments and delegates from leading companies in the Dutch maintenance market from the industries infrastructure, fleet, manufacturing, process, construction and Food, Beverage & Farma and you have a great basis for the 5th Accenture maintenance masterclass, which took place preceding the iMaintain conference ‘Profit through multidisciplinary collaboration’ on the 20th of March in the Rotterdam Kuip.

The maintenance sector has been a growing source of employment in the Netherlands (300.000 and growing) while the budget lacks behind (B€ 30 and declining). Maintenance budgets are under pressure and maintenance departments have to account for each euro spent of the on average 5% of the turnover, which is spend on maintenance in the mentioned industries.

Although the maintenance budget is under constraint, the resourcing in terms of people is a possible pain point as well. The technical knowledge within companies is under strain and finding the qualified people is getting even more difficult, especially on MBO and HBO level. Companies are increasingly willing to collaborate on this subject, with each other and with education institutes. It seems there is room for broad forms of collaboration.

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What does Netflix do with the fragmented European media landscape?

April 9th, 2014 by Pieter Paul van Oerle

Accenture Blogpodium NetflixThe star of Netflix continues to rise. What started in 1997 in the US as a rental and shipping service of physical movies has grown to a truly global and billion dollar company – and a shining example of a company transformed to digital that is rocking the established media industry. But what about Europe?

Netflix continues to expand and is currently available in 41 countries all over the world. Following a recent capital injection of 400 Million US dollars it is ready to spread its wings to other countries in Western-Europe. Till date, though a solid and consolidated European answer to Netflix’ expansion is still lacking, multiple alternatives and initiatives are popping up in many European countries. We highlight some interesting examples in this post – will they be the European answers to the American power?

RTL Nederland takes the lead
Let’s start off in the Netherlands. Here Netflix launched in September 2013, a month after the acquisition of Videoland Unlimited by RTL Nederland. Nowadays Videoland Unlimited is available in an “all-you-can-eat subscription” model comparable to Netflix – and can be ordered via several Dutch Telco’s such as KPN and DELTA. Videoland Unlimited is as a next step working towards a separate subscription that suffices with only an internet connection. This is an important strategic change since Videoland’s historic business model was built around renting out individual movies.

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